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Apartment Review (A literary inception)

Here is a review of an apartment community that I kindly took the liberty of composing. It's a review within a blog. That's 2 levels of Inception right there. This may never be seen by the Communal Elders in Management but my decision is to not share it through their system. Here's why.

I love this community because....

That's how the comment started. That's like only having an excited emoji as your option.

Yes, you can delete it and write over it, but in the hands of a lesser Giraffe...

I love this community because it makes my 2002 make model car look brand new. It's far enough away from Eastern, but our building is like a sorority house. There was a toga party in one of the buildings and they had a door guy at the outside apartment door facing the courtyard. Lots of foot traffic, slamming doors and total lack of respect for the space in which they live. Where many people, like me, struggle to make rent in today's highly rent inflated market and want quie…

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